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Mobile Responsive Web DesignsAccording to a Google study, nearly 5 in 10 U.S. smartphone users admit that if a website doesn’t function well on their device, then they feel like the brand doesn’t care about them. Can you afford to annoy your customers? No? Then let’s talk ‘responsive’ websites.

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About 48% of adult online consumers in USA complain that websites are not optimized as per their mobile device preferences. About 60% of them are largely frustrated due to the fact that the mobile websites are not as good as their desktop version, both in terms of load time and layout. Considering that mobile traffic in the United States accounts for close to 20% of the overall Internet traffic in the country, as a marketer, you no longer have the option whether or not to have a responsive website.

Seamlessly integrating the mobile-first approach into your traditional marketing structure

More than half of local searches are carried out on smart phones or tablets in the U.S. This means that those companies that offer the same products as yours but have a responsive website enjoy twice the amount of business that you generate online. A latest study suggests that the U.S. online marketers with a responsive website earn about 65% higher online revenue and get roughly 80% increased referral business from the web. If you are still not convinced about making your company website responsive, then you most likely don’t want to grow and are happy to be ‘a fish in the tiny pond.’ Your clients have already gone responsive, it’s about time you did too. Wondering how? That’s where eilocal comes into picture. Our experienced and certified responsive web designers and developers ensure that your website offers a consistently exceptional experience to your users, regardless of the device they browse it on. The device-agnostic websites that we develop for our clients are extremely user-focused and technologically-sound. When building your responsive website, we give performance the top-most priority. That’s because we know that not only your customers but even Google and other search engines appreciate it if your site is able to cater to all devices using the same URL-sets. Our closely-knit team of online marketing strategists, web and graphic designers, developers and content creators are driven by the common goal of creating a customized, professional and device-proof website with performance at the core.

Helping you reach the wider audience and gain higher

Whether you are travelling in a bus, or sitting in your cubical or having a quick bite at a local bistro, just look around you. We bet you see people using their mobile devices, right? This is, what we call, a mobile revolution. Now imagine that they are trying to browse your website on their devices. Would they have to pinch and zoom to be able to read or see the content on your site? If yes, then you definitely need a responsive website. Believe us; making your website responsive is the most important investment you will make for the future-proof success of your business on the Internet. So if you’ve already made up your mind about having a responsive website, then our passionate responsive web design experts at eilocal, would just ‘love’ to spend hours chatting to you in order to understand your requirements. They will then translate your non-technical description in a manner that our coders can easily understand. Together, they will build a brilliantly conceptualized and feature-rich responsive website that optimally adapts to a vast variety of screen sizes and shapes. Our responsive web designing experts in USA will ensure a seamless browsing experience for your users, allowing them to effortlessly access and consume the information, independent of the devices used. The best way to explain our responsive web design services is to show you our work – the websites that we have designed for our clients from across multiple verticals in USA.

It’s no exaggeration when we say that almost every new website built in USA is developed using responsive methods. We will help you take that leap and gain back the dominance in your niche. Let’s discuss your custom requirements right away.

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