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The Client: www.lawyersintampa.com

Lawyersintampa.com is the top lawyer resource in Tampa, Florida providing an online platform for those who are searching for attorneys for their litigations. It connects them with the legal experts in their locality within minutes. On the other hand, the website serves as a medium for the lawyers of all fields to register and advertise their law firm on the site, thus giving them an optimum online presence and exposure. This online directory is sorted by different specialty practice areas, such as accident lawyers, administrative lawyers, estate planning lawyers, health insurance attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, business lawyers, child support attorneys, boating accident lawyers, car accident lawyers, and many more.

The Objective

Having carved out a practice area specific digital marketing for attorneys allowing them to effectively market to the specific type of audience they are looking to reach, eilocal was an obvious choice for Lawyersintampa.com. Online attorney directory could be an instant hit, if promoted in the right manner. And they had a complete faith in eilocal's proven abilities for their niche. The SEO experts at eilocal were all set for this campaign. Their objective was to establish a strong and effective search presence for Lawyersintampa.com and make them popular within the local searches attracting a higher level of organic traffic to their website.

The Challenge

For eilocal, ensuring that lawyersintampa.com's SEO campaign surpasses their goals was a priority. They wanted the client to be sure that they had made the right choice in choosing eilocal. Unlike other agencies, the experts at eilocal emphasized the quality of clients rather than the quality of the customer care. They were tasked with the below mentioned primary challenges:

  • Although lawyersintampa.com was catering to a specific niche, the website was not prominently visible on major search engines for the targeted keywords.
  • The website lacked a proper SEO-friendly structure and effective content that was both user-and-search-engine-friendly.
  • To popularize the website among the local people in Tampa, Florida who were looking for attorney services, a strong link profile had to be established using white-hat SEO tactics.

The eilocal Solution

eilocal's SEO experts began the campaign by carrying out a thorough audit of Lawyerintampa.com including site analytics as well as reviewing the overall site layout and content. This helped them create a strategy that would ensure that the website would provide optimal experience to its visitors. The next phase of the campaign saw the SEO team integrating Google Analytics on the website to be able to create and manage the traffic data. In co-ordination with the website development team, the SEO team implemented on-page optimization for the website. This was followed by a comprehensive off-page optimization to build an effective link-structure for Lawyersintampa.com to enhance their local search visibility and popularity. With this SEO campaign, the website became more competitive in the niche and achieved a well-established web presence.

The Results

Lawyersintampa.com was overwhelmed with what eilocal had helped them achieve in terms of the overall campaign outcomes.

1. Improved Keywords Rankings Across Search Engines

The properly coded Page Title & META tags, inclusion into quality directories, submissions to the top search engines, and a sensible keyword optimization helped lawyersintampa.com increase the rankings, as can be seen in the below table:

2. Escalated Website Traffic

The below shown results confirm the website traffic growth for lawyersintampa.com:

  • The monthly organic traffic to the website was increased by 48.96%.
  • The average new visitor traffic to the website was improved by 85.71%.
  • The average bounce rate on the website was brought down by 9.60%.
  • The average pages / visit were increased by 27.45%.

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