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Paton Internet Marketing

The Client: www.patonmarketing.com

Paton Internet Marketing is a full service Digital Marketing agency based in Miami, Florida. As a leading US digital agency, Paton Internet Marketing specializes in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing. The company helps businesses to develop strategic, well-thought-out Internet Marketing plans. It helps drive revenue to their websites using strategic SEO marketing techniques. It also helps convert traffic into sales through effective web design and development solutions. Paton Internet Marketing has a rich experience, strategic leadership and sound expertise to develop innovative web solutions for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

The Objective

Paton Marketing has been providing web marketing solutions to businesses in Florida for close to a decade now. The agency has helped a number of local as well as national enterprises in attaining the top spot in Google search results for their websites. Moreover, they have enabled businesses of all sizes and shapes from across various verticals in building an online identity through exceptional professional websites, tailored to their niche and needs. With such a strong background and reputation, Paton Marketing was looking for an expert assistance in establishing and managing their social media presence to outsmart their competitors. Since the client belonged to the same industry as theirs, the Social Media Marketing experts at eilocal were quite at home. The overall objective of the project was to help Paton Marketing build a strong buzz around their brand and, in turn, drive quality and targeted traffic to the website.

The Challenge

Paton Marketing realized that they hadn't tapped into the full potential of the social media space to take their agency to the next level. They had outgrown their existing social profiles that merely served as simple business brochures. The agency was getting very few to no clicks to the website from their social presence. Having previously worked with eilocal on several SEO, PPC and web design projects, they were completely confident in our ability to efficiently manage their social media presence. They engaged the eilocal social media marketing specialists to spearhead their social initiatives. Some of the primary challenges involved at the start of the campaign had to do with:

  • To revamp the existing social media profiles for Paton Marketing, making them cutting-edge and extremely innovative.
  • To quickly find ways and tools to effectively establish a rapport with their current social followers and initiate meaningful conversations.
  • To give a fresh look and feel to the brand on their preferred social media platforms.
  • To ceaselessly come up with ingenious content ideas and also ensuring that it is highly shareable.

The eilocal Solution

As Paton Marketing already had set up their profile on Facebook, the SMM team at eilocal recommended that they continue marketing on the platform. Leveraging a decade-long industry experience, the eilocal marketing experts devised a campaign execution strategy by effectively combining organic and paid-for marketing tactics for the platform. In conjunction with the designers and content writers, the social media team built up the page's new identity with the help of new cover image and also integrating niche-specific page apps and tabs. They ensured that the client's business description was up-to-date with all the relevant mentions of company story, offerings, accreditations and accolades, etc. The first pit stop of the campaign was to gain the "reach" for this re-designed Facebook page. To ensure that, the SMM specialists created a wide range of content that would effectively encourage the page fans to share with their friends on the platform. A weekly content and posting pattern was established by carefully reviewing the current page insights. To increase the traffic to the website and also to build brand equity during the initial phase of the campaign, the focus was more on brand- and product-specific posts. In every single post, may it be textual or visual; the key marketing message was always kept unique yet extremely subtle. To help boost interactions around the brand, certain incentive-oriented contests and quizzes were also efficiently deployed, resulting into an augmented follower base. eilocal also ensured that Paton Marketing always remained in a favorable conversation, by closely monitoring all the mentions about their business and offerings across the entire platform. The Facebook advertising experts at eilocal carried out a number of paid campaigns for Paton Marketing for a variety of their special promotions and business events. This helped bringing the brand and its philosophy to life and gave the fans a strong reason to associate with it. Regular monthly reports were provided to the in-house marketing team at Paton Marketing. This helped in revising the posting strategy for the month based on the latest page insights and paid campaign performance reports.

The Results

Paton Marketing's re-designed Facebook page as well as the content thereon was an instant hit among the target audience. Together, they played a leading role in increasing the overall brand visibility and engagement. The eilocal Facebook marketing team helped the client in reaching out to the prime set of influencers on the platform and ensured that their conversations left a lasting impression, garnering greater interactivity. As a result, the total traffic along the average page views was more than doubled since re-designing the current Facebook profile. eilocal also ensured that Paton Marketing received optimal ROI on their paid advertising initiatives on Facebook. Paton Marketing is extremely satisfied with the way eilocal handles their social media campaigns and hence happily continues all their campaigns, and even refers external social media marketing projects from their region.

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